Service & Care

Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions and requests.

Our dedicated Team is here to help you with your questions Mon-Fri between 10.00 – 17.00.

Service Hotline + 49 800 01122 88

As an exclusive service, we also accept special orders upon request and manufacture your
individually customized Switchbag in the color of your choice.

Please note that your purchase has been made from a natural product and may therefore
be prone to minor irregularities in colour and finish.
Please do not regard such variations as flaws- they are a sign of true uniqueness.

We would like to request you to treat your product with care to ensure that you
are able to enjoy it for as long as possible. Please protect it from moisture, intensive light and great heat.

Please do not allow it to come into contact with water, oil, grease, perfume or other solvents.

Because we love fashion so much, we would like to point out a little something:
Your products could be damaged or cause discolouration when it comes into contact with other materials.